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It's a Miracle, Not a Mirage!
Voltn'Bolt Renewable Recharging Stations are located where & when you need them the most.
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All-In-Once Self Service, Charging Stations, and Vending Machines for your road trip convenience. Numerous features have been designed for your search functions to filter choices accordingly on your route. Voltn'Bolt get you to your destination with ease.


In addition to our strategic locators, our goal is to serve you and your family at times when hunger and thirst comes a calling. See our incredible vending machines with assorted menus at every Voltn'Bolt station. Also, portable solar generators for your smart devices can be purchased.

What's in the APP

Integrating renewable energy into your daily lifestyle

Setting an accurate objective to destinations with Voltn'Bolt

Creating an optimized APP with our step by step guide

Monitoring performance metrics and travel expenses

Instant recharging stations and available refreshments

BONUS: Annual discounts and co-op purchases

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